Corporate culture

Vision: To do the main business, the pursuit of excellence, to build a world-class wire and cable production enterprise with international competitiveness.
Interpretation: Extensively absorb the latest research results in the field of power cord, humbly learn from domestic and foreign excellent enterprises, independent and creative development of their own core technology and product series, with our excellent technology and products among the peers in the world.

Mission: Focus on our business, listen to customers’ needs and ideas, and strive to be the best supplier for customers.
Interpretation: We adhere to the enterprise behavior program to meet the needs of customers, customers are the most basic reason for the existence of enterprises, the company to make any decision, do everything, to put customers in the first place. Customer focus adds value to products, services and processes, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Values: integrity, innovation, performance, harmony.

Integrity: stand honest and trustworthy, the word is true
Integrity is the foundation of the enterprise, the foundation of development, the source of credibility, the company pursues all-round integrity concept. Business managers and employees should be honest, in the community, customers and partners to be honest.

Innovation: keep pace with The Times, pioneering and innovative
Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises, and also the source of the company’s eternal vitality. We should strive to improve the company’s innovation ability.
Vigorously advocate the spirit of innovation, in practice, constantly carry out institutional innovation, mechanism innovation, institutional innovation, management innovation, scientific and technological innovation, product innovation and other aspects of innovation activities, strive to lead competitors, constantly surpass themselves.

Performance: Performance first, create excellence
Performance is the ultimate embodiment of all the production and operation results of an enterprise, is the most critical index to evaluate the development of an enterprise, is an important measure to measure the dedication of units and employees, and the performance of each employee is the basis of the company’s performance.
We actively advocate the majority of employees to Ang Yang upward mental state, strive for excellence, to create excellent performance as the eternal goal and sacred mission of the company. With excellent performance to show the strong strength of the company, with strong strength in the fierce market competition to create more outstanding performance, to serve the country, dedication to the society, return to the workers.

Harmony: unity and cooperation to create harmony
Harmony is an important guarantee for the normal operation and sustainable development of the company, internal harmony creates the power of development, and external harmony is a good environment for survival and development. We advocate team spirit, everyone has the responsibility to support the work of others, advocate people with different talents to complete the task together, better cooperation, happy work.